New York Spirit is a fog intervention in outdoor urban space. The installation consists in white fog permanently leaking from at least 8-10 gullies. Ideally, these gullies would be located in the same street or close-by. It should be an a highly frequented area with fog arising day and night.


Clouds of white fog which leak from gullies and drainage pits have become a kind of collective image of the „big city“ since they have been used in many movies, described in crime-novels or lately appear in computer games. Especially New York City is related to this special „urban fog“ which still comes out of many gullies there in wintertime, although it disappears slowly because of reconstruction measures.
Nevertheless, this fog can be considerated as a kind of symbol for urban romance and is both things at the same time: something fascinating and something frightening. Associations with „breakdown“ or „crime“ as well as with „New York“ or „urbanity“ are possible. The fog creates a special atmosphere and causes passers-by to see their sourrounding with „misty eyes“. It leaks from holes in the ground as if there is a certain increased activity down under the streets. One can imagine that something bubbles underneath the city, like a vulcan shortly before eruption, already sending some foggy signs from the bottom up.
In New York this fog is still something familiar, whereas in other cities it doesn’t occur that often and is seen as something strange, particularly if it happens along a whole street or area. This can lead to irritations of passers-by. They could perceive it as something dangerous: maybe a pipe is bursted, maybe an explosion must be expected. But it can also be associated with the city of New York as a symbol of the metropolis par excellence and everything that is related to this myth. This could be the „urban legend“ of the unsafe public space of shabby
neighbourhoods like the Bronx, where crime is supposed to occur in every moment, as well as the city as something exciting and powerful. The rough charm of a metropolis where intense passions and adventures are possible.
Everybody will associate the fog with something different according to his individual images and imaginations of what is or what should be urban space and what is or should be a danger zone.
This installation can be understood as a kind of movie-setting and like a movie it can awaken certain longings or certain fears.